The Center of Human and Social Sciences (CCHS) was created in 1980, in Campo Grande, at the time constituted by two departments: Education and Physical Education. On CCHS works the Center Council, advisory organ and  deliberative on administratives subjects, didactic-scientific, academic and curricular.

The Department in which the course was attached is extinct, out of luck that the course started to have the CCHS as its administrative instance, didactic-scientific and teaching staff capacity.

The CCHS offers the following postgraduate programs stricto sensu: Master’s Degree in Education (created in 1988); Ph. D in Education; Master’s Degree in Language Studies and Master’s Degree in Psychology (created in 2011). Each postgraduate course stricto sensu has one Collegium and a Course Coordination, responsible for the development of the postgraduate teaching activities. The postgraduate course coordination is conducted, in deliberative level, by the Collegiate of Postgraduate Course and, in executive level, by the Coordination of Postgraduate Course, Collegiate President.

The organs of Sectorial Administration of Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, are the Centers, the Faculties and the Campus, which aims to administrate the teaching, research and extensions activities, attached to their areas of knowledges.